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Our Beer is...


Our beers are unfiltered to ensure they have the ultimate flavor without stripping them down. This may cost more since we have a lower yield (filtering increases the amount of beer you get per batch) but we believe it is critical to providing you with a full flavored beer. In fact we lose about 100 gallons of beer per batch by choosing not to filter our beer.

All Natural Ingredients

We believe that the best flavors come from the source. That's why we only add fresh natural products to create our one of flavors. No extracts and no purees go into any of our beers.


We support local businesses because we are one. Partnering with others only helps grow the sum of the parts. For example, we put locally crafted Bespoke Bacon into Insana Stout. They then put our stout into their beer bacon jam, which we then use on our gourmet hot dogs!


When you hear we put strawberries and jalapenos into a brown ale you immediately think sweet beer or chili beer but by using fresh all natural ingredients we achieve a balance of natural flavors that melds with the base style of the beer. Our beers aren't meant to show you how potent they can be, but wonderful flavors can be when used in harmony.


In some ways we treat our beer like a chef treats his food. We seek to create a flavorful product that makes your mouth happy and wanting more. Our beers are not going to taste like any other beer you have had and are definitely not 'to style' or traditional but they are damn tasty!


You don't have to be a niche beer drinker with the worlds most complex pallet to enjoy our beers. They are meant to be enjoyed by those drinking their 10,000 craft beer as well as the person enjoying their first. Don't be afraid of the descriptions they won't bite.


With all of the different types of beers available to you it is hard to do something different and meet the guidelines for what we are about. That's creativity comes into play. We aim to provide you with creative flavors that remain balanced, flavorful, approachable and use only fresh all natural ingredients.

Hand Mastered

We view brewing as an art and we much prefer paintings to posters. That is why all of our beers are hand mastered using all of our senses. The sound of the wort pump, feel of a valve, and visual cues from our grant tell us what we need to know about what is happening, not a computer screen. Our hands touch every bottle that comes off the line, each tray for our 6 packs, and every case is stacked by the people who made it.