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About Us

Rob DeMaria - Founder & Brewmaster of Prism Brewing

Rob DeMaria – Founder & Brewmaster of Prism Brewing

Operating less than 10 miles outside of Philly, Prism Brewing is as hometown as you can get. In fact, their name Prism is derived from the now defunct Philly based TV channel; in part to pay homage to their roots as well as to the owner’s previous career working in TV & Film. The creativity nurtured from that experience shows in the beers we brew today as does the anti-establishment nature of his favorite band, Pink Floyd. They treat beer like a chef treats food in that you will only find them using whole, natural and fresh products to create balanced flavorful ales. This means they do not use any extract flavors or even purees. This is how they achieve more palatable balanced flavors that provide you with diverse tastes, ranging from subtle to bold, but always balanced from the use of these whole natural ingredients, sourced fresh and as close to home as possible. They use no preservatives or finings and leave it unfiltered to keep our flavors fresh. After all, beer is food, so let’s make it flavorful!

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