Prism Brewing Company | ChemoSabe
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The beer is so named because we think cancer sucks – so we are using it to raise money for a local charity. ChemoSabe is what we like to call a Big Black Wheat as it comes in at 8.5% ABV.  We added just a touch of Wasabi which just adds some complexity to the beer, not heat.

It started because Rob heard about a little girl in the Philadelphia suburbs (Phoenixville) named Gabby who was diagnosed with a rare form of a cancerous brain tumor. We decided to raise money to help her and her family through this troubling time by selling this beer at the taproom in 12oz glasses and donating $2 per glass to her as well as charging an extra $10 for a growler fill which went directly to her as well. You can learn more about her at Get Well Gabby.

Sadly, Gabby has since passed away, but ChemoSabe will live on; raising money for local families fighting cancer.

Bitterness (Undetectable  to extreme)
Sweetness (Dry to sweet)
Color (Light to dark)
Alcohol Content (Low to high)
Adjunct Flavor Intensity (Subtle to intense)
Palatability (Experienced – approachable)
Wheat, Special Pale, Dark Crystal, De-Bittered Black
Summit, Cascade, Bramling Cross