Prism Brewing Company | Insana Stout
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Insana Stout

What goes good with a stout??? Chocolate… What goes good with chocolate??? Bacon of course! Insana Stout pours chocolaty and goes down smoky (without a single smoked malt being added). Using an enormous amount of cocoa, vanilla beans, and bacon, this beer makes you want breakfast for dinner, or as we like to say BFD.
Bitterness (Undetectable  to extreme)
Sweetness (Dry to sweet)
Color (Light to dark)
Alcohol Content (Low to high)
Adjunct Flavor Intensity (Subtle to intense)
Palatability (Experienced – approachable)
Special Pale, Munich, chocolate, Roasted Barley
Fuggle, Northern Brewer, Perle
Ashers chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, & Bespoke bacon