Prism Brewing Company | Love is evoL
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Love is evoL

Some say that Love is evil. We say if you spell love backwards its evol. Our brown Ale represents that notion with the love of strawberries and the evil nature of Jalapenos. Leaving some seeds in and some seeds out we balance the spiciness and flavor of the Jalapenos which meld well with the acidity of the strawberries. Using earthy English hops combined with some traditional American ones we’ve created something special for your tongue. So don’t be shy, and tell us… did you find love or evol?
Bitterness (Undetectable  to extreme)
Sweetness (Dry to sweet)
Color (Light to dark)
Alcohol Content (Low to high)
Adjunct Flavor Intensity (Subtle to intense)
Palatability (Experienced – approachable)
Special Pale, Cara-8, Chocolate, Wheat, De-bittered Black
Northern Brewer
Freshly squeezed strawberries & Jalapenos (with and without seeds)