Prism Brewing Company | Shady Blonde
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Shady Blonde

Our Spring seasonal Blonde is a refreshing break from the norm and a perfect way to welcome the warmer weather back into our lives. The Blood Oranges add just  a touch of tartness that enhances the dry feeling of this beer and provides a great citrus blast to enjoy on a spring day. This highly sessionable ale had the flavor that you have been looking for and is THE beer to welcome spring… No Wit or Pils about it.
Bitterness (Undetectable  to extreme)
Sweetness (Dry to sweet)
Color (Light to dark)
Alcohol Content (Low to high)
Adjunct Flavor Intensity (Subtle to intense)
Palatability (Experienced – approachable)
Two-Row, Wheat, Maize
Summit, Cascade
Freshly squeezed Blood Oranges